Social Media Marketing Automation

Recruitment agencies can now automate the broadcast of social media messaging to twitter, facebook and linkedin at scheduled times of the day:

When coupled with TriSys Web Jobs, you can regularly broadcast your live jobs to the world at all hours of the day.

Here is an example of a series of automated scheduled job broadcasts via twitter:

It is not just jobs which can be automated. TriSys uses the same technology to promote its brand globally in order to reach all timezones over a defined period of time:

This service is available to all TriSys customers from 2nd January 2017.

To sign up for this service, please contact

Free Training in December

We are today announcing a festive offer of free training to our customers during December 2016.

Much has changed this year, and the TriSys portfolio of products and services has been significantly strengthened bringing big benefits to existing customers. We have been actively enhancing all our products and the desktop release notes can be found here.

The free training will benefit customers who have not had training with us for a number of years, or where new staff members have recently joined, and would benefit from direct training from their recruitment CRM vendor.

To sign up for a free training course, please send an e-mail to or complete this form.

We are able to accomodate a number of remote sessions at any mutually convenient time and this can be scheduled directly with you and your team.

Our scheduled training programme will operate in addition to the free training programme and is published here.

Our training is tailored to the expertise level of delegates and is generally very well received by our customers.

We also have a comprehensive suite of on-line multimedia training courses designed for our latest products and services.

Microsoft is the new Apple

What a very interesting week it has been in the world of multi-billion dollar technology companies with both Microsoft and Apple making HARDWARE product announcements.

We expect Apple to tweak and upgrade their numerous laptop, iMac, iPad and iPhone lines, but for Microsoft to announce two very expensive devices, and peripherals, and software, on the same day, is a very clear statement that they are attacking Apple's graphics & media oriented customers directly.

Microsoft has historically done keyboards and mice, but with upgrades to its surface line and a brand new top-end integrated desktop PC, they are drawing new battle lines. Their reasons to head in this direction is I suspect because they have failed in their phone efforts, with the acquisition of Nokia now seen as a waste of billions of dollars, and the planned new Google devices such as the Pixel phone and the rumoured Google PC/Tablet which will run their new (Chromium+Android) Andromeda operating system.

Microsoft is now backing the Windows 10 + Azure + Office combination plus the latest efforts to clean up the Windows Store, as a firm software foundation for the new devices.

Gartner this week has also estimated that Microsoft will return to profit in 2018, after the re-structuring brought about by Satya Nadella who replaced Steve Ballmer as CEO.

Yesterday Apple announced its own MacBook Pro upgrade with the new Touch Bar, but market response has been luke-warm, as it was with the iWatch, and subsequently analysts are worried that Tim Cook is unable to provide the innovation leadership of Steve Jobs and Microsoft is capitalising on this opportunity.

Interesting times indeed, as Microsoft fans delight in being proud once again, but remember to treat the imposters of triumph and disaster just the same.

RSS Job Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an industry standard mechanism allowing recruitment agencies to view and expose all their active requirements to job seekers via the world wide web. RSS feeds can be indexed by the major search engines and candidates can subscribe to content updates allowing them to get access to your very latest jobs.

TriSys customers can view their jobs by specifiying the hyphenated-space company name in the following URL. For example our test agency is Opus Laboris Recruitment, so the RSS feed is:



The hyperlinks in the RSS feed point to the web jobs page which pulls the live job from the customer database:

Candidates can view the job, send it to a friend, or apply to the job via registration.

TriSys Web Jobs is an easy way to provide a high quality candidate engagement platform, which can be easily integrated into your existing web site.

Your web site designers have three choices to put your live vacancies on your web site:

1. Use the RSS feed to pull data into a simple display widget

2. Embed TriSys Web Jobs in an iFrame

3. Program content delivery using our fully featured Web API:


E-Mail us at to get your live jobs filled quickly.

Development Studio

We have introduced the development studio to TriSys Apex to allow web designers and developers to extend the functionality of TriSys to build their own business functionality which can be delivered to recruiters, clients and candidates.

Developers can create Javascript code to write business logic and HTML markup to design the graphical user interface for data capture and presentation.

Custom markup and business logic can be designed, tested and published to any device:

Existing functionality and data entry forms can be inherited and overriden allowing web developers to have their custom forms loaded at run-time. The custom forms run inside the Apex framework and can take full advantage of the entire cloud architecture to deliver global software as a service to both recruiters using the Apex application, as well as clients and candidates utilising TriSys Web Jobs:

The toolbox provides pre-built custom markup and code to quickly build and extend the existing application:

In summary:

  • TriSys Apex is a cross-platform cloud-based business computing platform encompassing a core CRM.
  • Apex runs on any operating system on any device and is available in all popular app stores.
  • The AWS back-end has unlimited scalability and can store both SQL data and any type of file.
  • Apex has been built from the ground up to be a cloud based IDE facilitating unlimited customisability and integration with any third party web service. 
  • It has been customised specifically for recruitment agencies who can extend their specific CRM using the cloud IDE.
  • Launched in June 2015, the Apex apps are stable and are used by thousands of recruiters, clients and candidates.
  • We are opening up Apex to developers who wish to build interesting line of business applications using the TriSys platform.

Apex Post-MVP

Our web browser recruitment CRM application Apex, has now exceeded the minimum viable product (MVP) phase of its development.

Timesheets have now been added to Apex, further extending its reach into the mid-office of recruitment agencies.

The timesheet framework has existed in desktop TriSys for many years, but increasing demand for Apex has driven the inclusion of this functionality into our web browser, tablet and mobile phone application.

Existing customers who have contract or temporary placements can maintain timesheets for multiple pay and charge rates from both the Apex application for recruitment consultants, and also allow self-service access to timesheets for both clients and candidates using TriSys Web Jobs.

We have thus joined up the timesheet capabilities for recruiters and their clients and candidates to provide a truly end to end mid-office system.

One year after the launch of, we are launching yet another revolutionary technology platform to the global recruitment industry.

TriSys Television, hosted at will officially launch on Wednesday 15 June 2016 at 16:00 BST (UTC+1).

The channel will introduce a host of recruitment technologies which add real and tangible business benefit to recruitment companies.

Recruiters are invited to attend live in order to be the first to witness this unique event, from a technology supplier who has always been at the forefront of the recruitment technology industry, to the great benefit of its customer and partners.

Please view the promotional video for the event on YouTube or at

We would be delighted if you could join us for this very special event.

Enterprise/Established vs Apex/Starter

'TriSys Everwhere' is a strategy which we embarked upon a couple of years ago to allow our customers to access and manipulate their recruitment business data wherever they were in the world.

Our original recruitment software was conceived in the early 1990's to run on departmental windows computers including PC's and more recently servers. As the internet, broadband communications, cloud computing and mobile evolved over time, and more and more non-windows devices and operating systems became popular, it was therefore imperative that TriSys too evolved to ensure that our customers were able to procure their phone or tablet or web browser of choice, and still get access to their recruitment database, from anywhere.

Making TriSys work everywhere however, whilst ensuring our existing customers were not inconvenienced in any way, guided us in the direction of designing and building a completely new cross-platform client-side software application called 'Apex' which was released in 2015. The Apex application was designed to work with our existing cloud infrastructure using our new Web API which gives our customers full CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functionality using any of our TriSys products.

As Apex has matured, both new and existing customers have been attracted to its simplicity and convenience of access from any computer, tablet, phone or web browser.

As a result, this blog post is intended to summarise the important differences between our legacy enterprise windows desktop application ideally suited to established or sophisticated recruitment agencies, and our newer Apex cross-platform application ideally suited to startup recruitment agencies.

Apex on Android and iOS

TriSys Apex Recruitment CRM is available for all mobile devices running both Android and iOS. As well as the iPhone and iPad, Apex can now be installed on over 10,000 Android phones, ensuring that TriSys customers can get full functionality recruitment database access from anywhere in the world.

These apps are available in both iTunes, the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store:

If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, then please click here.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, then please click here.

To watch an overview of Apex, and the problems it solves, please watch this YouTube video.

Windows Store App

TriSys Apex Recruitment CRM is now available in the Microsoft Windows Store.

Apex is designed for startup recruitment agencies, but can also be used by established agencies to access all of your recruitment information from any device.

You can view the Windows Store listing by clicking here.

We have also published a simple 'how-to' video on YouTube to explain how to install this on your windows device:

To watch an overview of Apex, and the problems it solves, please watch this YouTube video.