New Windows RDP 8 For Windows 8 and Windows 7 SP1

Microsoft has released a Remote Desktop Protocol for Windows 8 which is also included in Windows 7 Service Pack 1

The "Added Security" introduces a new warning level "A website is trying to start a remote connection" window which tends to override any previous settings.

If you have configured the TriSys Remote Desktop Login Tool to share local drives, then this new security feature overrides this setting and you must check the box "Drives" for this to still be active.

Yet another "Security Feature" adding more complexity and button pressing to a simple process.


Tidying Up The "G Drive"

At this time of year "A Tidy Up" of files can happen with our customers. However, the TriSys application can fail if files or folders are not where they are expected to be after the Tidy up.

These Are Main TriSys Version 7 and Version 8 Folders

ActionsV7 Contains Action template files
Back Office Contains Back Office files
CVArchive Contains Archived CVs
CVData Contains all CVs
Dashboard Contains Dashboard files
E-Mail Contains copies of emails processed to TriSys via Outlook
Exchange Export Holds history attachments for emails synchronized to TriSys
Formatted CVs Contains Formatted CV files
Help Contains Help Files
Icons Contains Icon files for TriSys
Images Contains image files
Incoming CVs Folder for Incoming CV Files
Ini Contains login configuration files for TriSys
Job Descriptions Contains any Job Description files
Macro Contains TriSys Word macro files
Multimedia Contains any Multimedia files
Setup Contains TriSys setup files
TriSysWeb Contains email templates for the TriSys web module


Please do not Move, Remove or Rename any of these folders



We would like to thank all of our customers for choosing to run their recruitment business through the TriSys Software Suite and look forward to the challenges for 2013.

Look Out For Version 10 Coming To A Desktop Near You.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Very Prosperous New Year

Traceroute - A Great Diagnostic Tool On Every PC and MAC

Traceroute or “Tracert” is a command line utility that measures the speed and the route that the data takes to a reach a destination server.

Traceroute will send several test data packets to the destination server and will record each router that it goes throughand the time it takes to reach the destination server.

Each router can be owned by a different network provider.

Each router is known as a “Hop” and the data will have to go through many “Hops” on its journey to the destination server.

Traceroute is a useful tool for diagnosing network problems, most often speed issues. 

For example, if your remote desktop is slow to respond, then it might mean that there is a network problem somewhere between you and the desktop. 

Browsing may be fine, but because the amount of traffic flow is substantially different to that of a web browser, and the route taken will be different, this may not be a clear indication that all is well with the line connection to your desktop.

Open a Command Prompt window

From your local PC, NOT the remote desktop, open a Command Prompt window to use the “tracert” command.

This is also available for Mac users in the Terminal.

The process is slightly different depending upon which version of Windows you are using.

Windows Vista and Windows 7



All other versions of Windows

Click Start, then Run. A new text box will appear. Enter cmd into this box and click OK.




This example will demonstrate how to perform a “tracert” for and explain the output that you will see.

To perform a trace open a Command Prompt window as above, and enter the following, and press <enter> on your keyboard.


The trace may take a few moments to complete.



Tracing route to []...

1    	<1ms   <1ms   <1ms []
2    	20ms   20ms   20ms []	
3    	19ms   19ms   19ms []
4    	19ms   19ms   20ms []
5    	29ms   24ms   25ms []
6    	24ms   21ms   21ms []
7    	29ms   19ms   19ms []
8    	22ms   21ms   22ms []
9    	25ms   25ms   27ms []
10     32ms   31ms   31ms   []	
11     33ms   32ms   31ms   []	
12     33ms   32ms   32ms []
13    *   *	*	 		
14    *   *	*
15    *   *	*		Request Timed Out
16    *   *	*		Request Timed Out

What does the output mean?

There are 5 columns.

  • Hop Count
  • Three packets of data columns
  • Name of the router and ipaddress

1 <1ms <1ms <1ms []

Traceroute will actually send three packets of data, and measure the time taken for each. 

At hop 1 you can see that each packet took less than a millisecond, (<1 ms ) This is normally your local network and Internet router. You would expect any packet on your local network to take less than 1 millisecond to reach your router.

You can see that the server at hop 1 is called, and its address on the Internet is

We have seen slowness happen when anything greater than 40-50ms is seen at multiple hops

A real customer trace was recently taken recently when slowness on the desktop was seen.

(Addresses have been removed to protect the customer location)


Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 20 hops: 
1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 Local.Router 
2   303 ms   308 ms   309 ms  
3   390 ms   354 ms   367 ms  
4   265 ms   375 ms   405 ms  
5   384 ms   357 ms   343 ms  
6   291 ms   341 ms   411 ms  
7   448 ms   549 ms   287 ms 
8   123 ms    79 ms   223 ms  
9   348 ms   367 ms   373 ms  
10   464 ms   495 ms   546 ms  
11   408 ms   473 ms   287 ms  
12   401 ms   421 ms   435 ms  
13   501 ms   585 ms   525 ms  
14   309 ms   277 ms   190 ms  
15   663 ms   527 ms   372 ms [] 
16     *        *        *     Request timed out.
17     *        *        *     Request timed out.
18     *        *        *     Request timed out.
19     *        *        *     Request timed out.
20     *        *        *     Request timed out.

As you can see the 1st hop is the internal router (less than 1 millisecond) and then the lag on each hop indicates a line issue.


What does Request timed out mean?

Hop number 16 onwards shows no response or “Request timed out”

 This is because the server at those hops is not accepting Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) traffic. As this is what traceroute uses to get the results. 

A Request timed out message is usually nothing to worry about, as many network providers may disable ICMP traffic.


Destination net unreachable

Traceroute can detect if a packet has been stopped on the network. If this occurs you will see the error Destination net unreachable. This error is often caused by a misconfiguration in someone’s router settings, or an IP address that doesn't exist.


You can use “tracert” to diagnose line connection issues by running the command as described above or by downloading our “trace,bat” file, which will run this command and output to a test file for you.

Unzip the contents to your LOCAL PC’s desktop NOT TRISYS and run, the output filename is “trace.txt”.

Tweeting At Work Is Good For Business


Interesting article on Social Media at work.

On June 6, Larry Ellison--CEO of Oracle, one of the largest and most advanced computer technology corporations in the world--tweeted for the very first time. In doing so, he joined a club that remains surprisingly elite. Among CEOs of the world’s Fortune 500 companies, a mere 20 have Twitter accounts. Ellison, by the way, hasn’t tweeted since.

As social media spreads around the globe, one enclave has proven stubbornly resistant: the boardroom. Within the C-suite, perceptions remain that social media is at best a soft PR tool and at worst a time sink for already distracted employees. Without a push from the top, many of the biggest companies have been slow to take the social media plunge.

A new report from McKinsey Global Institute, however, makes the business case for social media a little easier to sell. According to an analysis of 4,200 companies by the business consulting giant, social technologies stand to unlock from $900 billion to $1.3 trillion in value. At the high end, that approaches Australia’s annual GDP. How’s that for a bottom line?

Savings comes from some unexpected places. Two-thirds of the value unlocked by social media rests in “improved communications and collaboration within and across enterprises,” according to the report. Far from a distraction, in other words, social media proves a surprising boon to productivity.

Companies are embracing social tools--including internal networks, wikis, and real-time chat--for functions that go way beyond marketing and community building. R&D teams brainstorm products, HR vets applicants, sales fosters leads, and operations and distribution forecasts and monitors supply chains.

Behind this laundry list is a more hefty benefit. Social technologies have the potential to free up expertise trapped in departmental silos. High-skill workers can now be tapped company-wide. Managers can find out “which employees have the deepest knowledge in certain subjects, or who last contributed to a project and how to get in touch with them quickly,” saysNew York Times tech reporter Quentin Hardy. Just cutting email out of the picture in favor of social sharing translates to a productivity windfall as “more enterprise information becomes accessible and searchable, rather than locked up as ‘dark matter’ in inboxes.”

Among the most promising (and heretofore least hyped) new social technologies are tools like Yammer (recently snapped up by Microsoft for $1.2 billion), which bring Facebook-like functionality into the office. Social-savvy employees post queries and comments to internal conversation threads and coworkers offer feedback, crowdsourcing solutions. Content can be shared and searched, so the same issues don’t resurface. Meanwhile, virtual groups offer a more interactive alternative than email or phones.

Interestingly, the report suggest that tools like Yammer are the tip of the iceberg. Right now, only five percent of all communications and content use in the U.S. happens on social networks, mainly in the form of content sharing and online socializing. But McKinsey analysts point out that almost any human interaction in the workplace can be "socialized"--endowed with the speed, scale, and disruptive economics of the Internet.

It seems noteworthy that the report’s conclusions have been echoed of late from the most authoritative of places: Wall Street. In the last year, the world’s largest enterprise software companies--Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Adobe, and even Ellison’s own Oracle--have spent upward of $2.5 billion snatching up social media tools to add to their enterprise suites. Even Twitter-phobic CEOs may have a hard time ignoring that business case.

--Author Ryan Holmes is the CEO of HootSuite, a social media management system with 4 million users, including 79 of the Fortune 100 companies.

Originating Site:

The TriSys V10 application has Social Networking already built in where you can have intergrated searches with network searches, identified candidates accross different domains where you can automatically pull their details into the TriSys application. Pre defined templates allow you to quickly communicate with candidates.

View the video at TriSys V10 Feature Tour



AWS 1 - So Much More Than A Remote Desktop

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have so much more to offer than just phenominal computing power,
remote desktops and networks. There are may ways to levarage what AWS has to offer, and with many
different scenarios and different add on services, it is easy to get confused as to what each service does
 and how to implement them within any given scenario

I though that I would have a look at each AWS offering and possible scenarios and publish them
through a series of related blogs

So here goes with :- 1:- Web Hosting Applications

The web hosting application incorporates many of the powerfull features that you would need to
provide a highly available and scaleable Web Application Hosting Scenario.

Services Used::- CloudFront, S3, EC2, Auto Scaling, ELB, Route 53, and Database Related Services


As an Amazon Solution Provider, TriSys Business Software is a fully Cloud Based Company
and Remote Desktop and Network provider.

 If you’re a company that is considering moving to the cloud, or wish to discuss how your company
can benefit from Cloud Computing Applications and Services, why not give us a call to see how we can
help make things easier for you to move.

Call: 01223 393519 or e-mail

Moving To The Cloud Is Rewarding But Is Harder Than What You Think

With the Amazon conference coming to Cambridge :- 




where our very own CEO Garry Lowther with be presenting, we were reminiscing in support as to how things used to be and how things have changed and how far we have come over the past 3+ years since deciding to investigate and move to a cloud based environment.
To be honest it was not as easy as we first thought and we have had to change the way we think about cloud computing and find that in reality it is quite different and harder to implement as to what you generally read on the web.
We remember the days of terminal and email servers being down sometimes for hours on end and having to rely on remote hands whom we had no control over. Increasing costs was on the cards also, so to keep the costs down, and provide a better service we had to find an alternative solution where it put us back in the driving seat, and the Amazon Cloud was the provider of choice.
It has proved that moving our terminal servers and added services to the Cloud was the right decision and that we were the early adopters of Cloud based computing within the recruitment industry.

Although we are still reliant on a remote datacenter, Amazon have vast resources to ensure that their uptime is certainly the leader compared to other providers.

There have been outages though, (1) and we have had to reassess our failover strategy, but on the whole, we receive a better and more reliable service from Amazon, and we are more in control when things do go wrong.
We have also been investigating  and testing many other offerings that we can provide through the Amazon infrastructure, (Virtual Private Clouds, Virtual Private Networks, secure access to resources, multiple network deployment, automatic capacity planning, load balancing, scaling and monitoring. website traffic data, storage, databases) and much much more
Currently we are revamping our existing web site which will be designed to enable us to provide services via a Single Sign On Interface (SSO), means that we are well into the next phase of where we want to take our Cloud base infrastructure.

This is good news for our customers, as we will be able to provide more diverse offerings which may not be Recruitment focused, but will be beneficial to our existing customers as additions to existing services.

Combine this with our infrastructure, and the learning curve that we have had, we are well placed to advise companies on how to move to the Cloud, and how to avoid the many pitfalls, time constraints and costs involved in learning the best way to deploy in a Cloud based environment.

I read a very interesting article on the Cloud:-  Cloud computing is hard and takes a long time 

And we can relate to the article having come through this ourselves.

To keep up to date on what we are doing watch our tweets :-


and blogs



to find out what the future holds for TriSys and what we have to offer to provide a even better service to our current and future customers.

If you’re a company that is considering moving to the cloud, why not give us a call to see how we can help make things easier for you to move. 

Call: 01223 393519 or e-mail

Action Templates and Warmer Weather

Support calls slowed down a bit due to holidays, allowing us to catch up, do some housekeeping and investigate more imporvements to our infrastructure.

We are looking at new terminal servers using Windows 2008R2 technology, as this is a big improvement on Windows 2008 and solves some technical issues.

We have to upgrade our management servers also, so this is an ongoing project, and Domain Controllers and Desktops are already in test.



Action Templates
Action templates are an excellent way to automate e-mail and documentation to contacts.

Action templates pull in information from various places in the database to automatically fill in many details.

Action templates are excellent for targeted mailshots or general everyday mail.

 Used when running the E-mail and Direct Mail action, the system administrator can devise a set of templates to hold default text that the action uses.

When running the action the "source template" is selected by the user and can be output in various ways such as e-mail or .doc(x).

From this action the system administrator can add additional templates or edit the templates that already exist.

In addition to the text that is used to create the e-mail or word document the template can also hold defaults for the following:

  • Additional documents that are to be merged with database information and appended to the source template or in the case of
     e-mails created and either appended or attached to the e-mail.

  • Additional attachments not requiring merging. These can be in many different forms such as existing word documents, pdf files,
     excel spreadsheets or image files etc.

Training courses on how to create and manipulate templates are available from Trisys.

Please call us to discuss your requirements - 01223 393519


For further information on Action Templates see:- Action Template Setup

For other training courses please see:- Trisys Training Courses 

 You can find further helpful information at :-


Night Sky

Jupiter, Venus, Mars and saturn, mercury and Neptune are still visable in the evening but only just. Still enough time to get out from early evening to have a look.

With the time change and warmer weather, exploring the night sky is a little more pleasurable.

As well as the planets, there are also other galaxy and messier objects :-

 Seven Sisters (Pleiades)

 Orion Nebula

 Andromeda Galaxy

If your not sure of what is visable at any time, a good up to date website is here:- Planets To See In The Sky Tonight

You don't need a telescope, just a good pair of binoculars, and a clear sky.

Well this is all from me for now, pop back later if you get a mo. - - 01223 393519

Calendars Part 4 and the Moon in HD

Yet another very busy week on support, answering our customers issues and tending to our infrastructure.

There is always something that needs to be done, and we are always looking to make improvements where we can.



Google Calendars
Following on with my 4 part how to add, share and access colleagues Calendars in Google, here is the last installment.
Part 4 - Sharing a Custom Calendar in Google Apps
Login to your calendar at<your domain name>
Select the gear symbol in the top right

Select “Calendar settings”

Select “Calendars”

Select the calendar you wish to share

Right click on the “ICAL” icon and select “Copy link address”

Email this URL to your colleague's

For further information on this see:- Sharing a Custom Calendar in Google Apps

You can find further helpful information at :-


The Moon In HD

The link below takes you to Take a close-up tour of the Moon as seen through the high-resolution video cameras of NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Old news but well worth a look.  

To tour the Moon in HD - Click Here


Well this is all from me for now, pop back later if you get a mo. - - 01223 393519

Calendars Part 3 and an Amazing Night Sky

Very busy on support last week, short handed towards the end of the week, so that always puts us under a bit more under pressure, but a full crew again this week with only a little backlog to deal with.

Most of the company out midweek, so that may impact as we take up some of the slack.



Google Calendars
Following on with my 4 part how to add, share and access colleagues Calendars in Google, here is the next installment.
Part 3 - Accessing a Colleague’s Custom Calendar in Google Apps

Login to your calendar at<your domain name>

Your colleague will have sent you a URL highlight this and copy it
Login to your calendar at<your domain name>
Under “Other calendars” select the drop down arrow then select “Add by URL”
The calendar will appear under your “My calendars section”
It will also be available in Outlook

For further information on this see:- Accessing a Colleagues Custom Calendar in Google Apps
Yet To Come:-
Part 4 - Sharing a Custom Calendar in Google Apps
You can find further helpful information at :-
Amazing Night Sky :-
For the first time in over a decade, people can see five planets in the solar system with the naked eye over the course of one night.

As the Sun sets, Mecury appears on the horizon and the Moon, Jupiter and Venus will be the prominent lights in the sky. (Venus being the brigter of the two)

Later in the evening Mars will appear high above you in the constelation Leo and will be noticeably red even to the naked eye.

As Venus and jupiter sets at around 10pm, Saturn will rise in the east.

On Tuesday Venus and Jupiter will cross paths and should be an amazing event to see.

Well this is all from me for now, pop back later if you get a mo. - - 01223 393519

Calendars Part 2 and More Twitter Tips

What a week it was last week. 

Our internal Network Storage Server broke down and caused some dificulties in support, then just when we had it fixed, a few days later we had a total power outage in Cambridge which took all our servers down and offline.

I have blogged previously that we had improved our failover capability for our ASP network, and this put the technology to the test.

It Worked !!

All users using the TriSys Login Tool were completely unaffected by our outage, and were still able to login to their own desktops.

Our 99.99% network availability is in tact.

Phew ....



Google Calendars

Following on with my 4 part how to add, share and access colleagues Calendars in Google, here is the next installment.

Part 2 - Accessing a Colleagues Calendar in Google Apps

Login to your calendar at<your domain name>

Enter the colleague’s name in “Add a colleague’s name” box

The calendar will then appear under “My calendars”

This calendar will also appear in Outlook

For further information on this see:- Accessing a Colleagues Calendar in Google Apps


Yet To Come:-

Part 3 - Accessing a Colleagues Custom Calendar in Google Apps

Part 4 - Sharing a Custom Calendar in Google Apps


You can find further helpful information at :-


Found some more very good Twitter Tips :-

  • General Twitter Tips for starters - A must read for every beginner - Starters


Well this is all from me for now, pop back later if you get a mo. - - 01223 393519