Do We Need Training?

This is a question that we are asked time and time again when we have an enquiry about our software.  Not just because I have a background in training do I realise the importance of training but because I have seen how differently the rollout of a new software is impacted by proper training.  Why spent money on the installation, data conversion and hardware and then cut corners on the training?


To get the best out of any recruitment solution it needs to be properly set up to support the business and used consistently by all consultants.  When a software is set up correctly and used consistently the results are much more meaningful and give the business what it needs not just in finding the correct person to fill a job but in the analysis of the business, everything from where leads are coming from to how many CV's need to be sent out to achieve the required revenues down to the individual consultant level.


Business Intelligence is more and more widely talked about and business want to utilise the statistics that can be obtained from this but without training the consultants on how to record information the data you are basing your decisions on may only be half the picture.


Benefits of Training

• Productivity - Training and Development helps in increasing the productivity of the employees that helps the organization further to achieve its long-term goal.

• Team spirit - Training and Development helps in inculcating the sense of team work, team spirit, and inter-team collaborations. It helps in inculcating the zeal to learn within the employees.

• Organization Culture - Training and Development helps to develop and improve the organizational health culture and effectiveness. It helps in creating the learning culture within the organization.

• Organization Climate - Training and Development helps building the positive perception and feeling about the organization. The employees get these feelings from leaders, subordinates, and peers.

• Quality - Training and Development helps in improving upon the quality of work and work-life.

• Healthy work-environment - Training and Development helps in creating the healthy working environment. It helps to build good employee, relationship so that individual goals aligns with organizational goal.

• Health and Safety - Training and Development helps in improving the health and safety of the organization thus preventing obsolescence.

• Morale - Training and Development helps in improving the morale of the work force.
• Image - Training and Development helps in creating a better corporate image.

• Profitability - Training and Development leads to improved profitability and more positive attitudes towards profit orientation.

• Training and Development aids in organizational development i.e. Organization gets more effective decision making and problem solving. It helps in understanding and carrying out organisational policies

• Training and Development helps in developing leadership skills, motivation, loyalty, better attitudes, and other aspects that successful workers and managers usually display.

• Training and Development demonstrates a commitment to keeping employees on the cutting edge of knowledge and practice.



Fabio Has Gone But AWR Hasn't

Despite rumours prior to AWR starting that there may be last minute changes this did not happen and on the 1st October 2011 the new Agency Workers Regulations came in to force.

By now we all know what the Agency Workers Regulations are but here's a short summary:

The new Agency Workers Regulations derive from European legislation designed to give temporary agency workers parity in pay and employment conditions as they would have been entitled to had they been recruited by the hirer directly to do the same job.


The New Entitlements are:


Day 1 rights for all agency workers: If you hire agency workers, you must ensure that they can access your facilities (such as canteen, childcare facilities, etc) and can access information on your job vacancies from the first day of their assignment.

After 12 weeks in the same job: The equal treatment entitlements relate to pay and other basic working conditions (annual leave, rest breaks etc) and come into effect after an agency worker completes a 12 week qualifying period in the same job with the same hirer. After completing the qualifying period, pregnant agency workers will now be allowed to take paid time off for ante-natal appointments during an assignment.
It is not retrospective and for those agency workers already on assignment, the 12 week qualifying period will start from 1 October 2011.


 Click here for further AWR details.


What's happens now?


As it has now been more than three months since the 1st October 2011 the full provisions of the Agency Workers Regulations are starting to kick in as many worker will have passed the qualifying period and will be entitled to the equal treatments related to pay and other basic working conditions. 


What effect is this having?


According to a poll of recruiters conducted recently almost a third have suggested that clients will terminate contractors and temporary workers early because of AWR.  Even without the worry of losing on-going workers there has been an added burden imposed on companies placing contract and temporary workers to gather all the comparison data crucial from the compliance perspective and to keep this up to date. 


In contrast to the poll of recruiters figures from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) appear to refute claims that employers will lay off large numbers of temporary workers.  The December release of the REC's jobs outlook figures shows that 81% of employers plan to either grow their agency workforce or keep it at existing levels. Of those businesses, 31% planned to increase the size of their temporary workforce in the short term, compared with 22% at the same point last year.


Agency Workers Regulations not hitting use of temporary staff full article.


For the most part we haven't felt anywhere near the impact that many feared, however it is still early days and too soon to say what may come out of the first claims.


As and when more information comes to light I'll be keeping an eye out and passing it on to you.




Recruitment Focus


Hello everyone, my name is Joanne Parkin and I will be writing regular posts on the TriSys blog about recruitment.


I will cover a range of topical issues and welcome any feedback readers may have about the subject matter in question.


As it is the first month of the new year, here are the top 10 predictions in recruitment for 2012:

  • 2012 Will Be “The Year of the Mobile Platform”
  • Intense hiring competition will return in selected areas
  • Retention issues will increase dramatically
  • Social media increases its impact by becoming more data-driven
  • Remote work changes everything in talent management
  • The need for speed shifts the balance between development and recruiting
  • Employee referrals are coupled with social media
  • Employer branding returns
  • The candidate experience is finally getting the attention it deserves
  • Forward-looking metrics begin to dominate


 Next week, I will write about the AWR (agency worker regulations), so please subscribe to this blog.