Chrome Desktop App

The 'TriSys Everywhere' initiative is gathering pace with the latest addition to the Google Chrome Store of "TriSys Apex Recruitment CRM".

This application can be installed into the Chrome browser and made available in the apps page: 

Right click on TriSys to create a desktop shortcut, and copy this into your startup folder to automatically start TriSys when you start your computer.

TriSys starts as a completely separate application on your operating system which can be repositioned, resized and maximised to provide a fast and responsive native application experience:


Existing on-demand/cloud customers may use their existing TriSys credentials to login.

Existing on-premise customers will require the provision of their own specific TriSys Web API key.

New customers may register for the free trial and subsequently subscribe to a provisioned service.

If you require access, or would like to learn more, please contact our sales department.

TriSys Web Jobs in Parallax

TriSys Web Jobs can be easily hosted inside any web site with minimal work and cost. Recruitment agencies do not need to spend money on web designers to re-invent the wheel by building yet another content management system (CMS) for their web site.

TriSys Web Jobs is your real-time jobs portal designed specifically for your candidates to search and apply to your jobs.

To demonstrate how well this works, please visit the following web sites:


As you can see, whatever your web site design, TriSys Web Jobs will easily fit into it, providing your candidates and consultants with power and convenience.

Please contact your account manager, sales or technical support to get started.

Merry Christmas 2015 and Happy New Year 2016

Merry Christmas to all our customers, partners and suppliers.

We would like to thank you once again for your trust and congratulate you on your successes in 2015. We would also like to share some of our plans with you, letting you know in advance what’s happening in 2016 and how this will benefit your business. 

We are happy to pre-announce the following technical updates to the TriSys CRM Platform:

  • Release of TriSys 2016
  • Adoption of Apex 
  • Web Jobs 2016 and Wordpress Site Designer
  • New Outlook CRM integration, fully compatible with MS Office & Office 365
  • Enhanced searching and a brand new cross-entity searching system
  • Google Chrome integration with TriSys CRM / Web CRM
  • Updated Mobile App for Google Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone
  • Candidate self-service web portal & real time job alerts
  • Updated free CV parsing subsystem
  • Updated Web integration API
  • Enhanced social integration

TriSys CRM is a seriously powerful CRM fully developed and maintained in the UK by a team of highly specialised consultants who are always here to help you. You are the reason for our success and we are deeply committed to helping you succeed and together stay ahead of the competition by constantly innovating, better and faster. 

We look forward to continue working with you and would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere THANK YOU.

Merry Christmas 2015 and a Happy New Year 2016!

TriSys Web Jobs 2016

The latest TriSys Web Jobs is currently in development and will be released on 1st January 2016.

TriSys Web Jobs is a candidate search web browser and mobile/tablet portal allowing TriSys live/active requirements to be searchable as vacancies by candidates. Candidates can apply and favourite vacancies, with full login/registration/forgotten password functionality, all driven by automated e-mail templates. Registered candidates are automatically added to the requirement shortlist after applying to vacancies, allowing the full workflow processes of TriSys to be used.

Agencies can advertise each vacancy as a URL, or embed TriSys Web Jobs as an iframe in their existing web sites.

The demonstration site is at

Contact details are pulled out of your TriSys database including photo, e-mail and both work and mobile telephone numbers.

Please contact us to learn more and to connect both your cloud or on-premise TriSys databases to this system.

TriSys Web Browser Extension

Recruiters use a variety of social network services in addition to a range of services for managing e-mail, jobs, marketing lists etc..

TriSys Apex is a web browser and mobile application which works inside any browser on any platform/device. In order to provide tight integration between social networks and the TriSys database, we have developed a browser extension.

The TriSys browser extension will be freely available in the Google Chrome Web Store next month, and will install a TriSys toolbar button onto your Chrome browser:

The extension comes to life when you visit a social networks or job boards. In this example, the TriSys extension looks up the LinkedIn profile in the TriSys database and displays the full details of the contact above the LinkedIn profile:

You can click on the contact name or company name to drill down into their record in TriSys, or indeed send them an e-mail or call via Skype directly from within LinkedIn.

By using the toolbar button, you can view additional details about this contact pulled directly from TriSys and displayed in the popup:

In this instance, the CV of the selected candidate is retrieved, displayed and formatted directly from the TriSys database. Additional details such as lists of vacancies, placements, notes and scheduled tasks are also retrieved saving the recruiter from having to leave the current web browser tab.

The toolbar buttons in this popup provide the recruiter with the ability to import contact records directly from the social/job board profile and automatically link the TriSys record to the on-line profile, making it easy to navigate from TriSys to the latest profile with a single click.

There are advanced toolbar buttons for running sophisticated workflow actions dircetly from within the web browser such as making calls, sending job specifications, adding to shortlists etc..

TriSys 2015 comprises its own web browser in which recruiters can utilise these services to search popular social networks and job boards:

Click on this link or the above image to watch a movie of TriSys 2015 integration with social networks and job boards.

In summary, the TriSys web browser extension is a fantastic addition to the TriSys recruitment technology suite, providing recruiters with convenient, powerful, and free access to their recruitment database. Customers can now fully utilise social networks and job boards from either their desktop or browser/mobile recruitment applications.

Building Recruitment Agency Websites with TriSys Web API

Whilst TriSys for Websites provides a highly functional out of the box recruitment agency web site, many recruitment agencies prefer to appoint and work with a professional web/app designer and build their own web site/mobile app. This works well for static, or brochure, sites, however at some point, the web designer will need to provide interactivity with the recruitment agency CRM.

Such interactions could be a vacancy search of live jobs, or a contact us page, or candidate registration. In this scenario, delivering the web request as an (yet another) e-mail to the recruiter is not acceptable as it creates more work for the recruiter and results in poor quality data and a sub-standard candidate experience.

The TriSys Web API is the solution to this problem. It provides an easy to use, cross platform, programmatic interface allowing web designers to pull and push live recruiting data from/to the back end TriSys recruitment CRM database. The API exposes vacancies which can be searched for, favourited, applied to and also candidate registration methods allowing candidate records to be created directly inside the TriSys database with full template driven automated e-mails and task alarms for recruitment consultants.

Web designers are able to make use of the API for data-oriented transactions only. They are then free to focus upon the usability of the web site or mobile app.

To make integration easy, we have created four very useful things:

  1. A fully documented Web API.
  2. A quick-start guide to live code samples editable and testable on jsfiddle.
  3. A step by step guide web site at which demonstrates each step to integrate the Web API.
  4. An open source Github project containing all of the code from the step by step guide.

Web designers are invited to take this for a spin to build compelling recruitment agency web sites for their clients.

The TriSys Web API can be used to build any type of sophisticated recruitment oriented systems such as:

  • Agency Web sites
  • Corporate Jobs Portals
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Job Boards
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Human Resources

We are excited to see what you can build.

The TriSys Cloud

As a recruitment agency, you have probably heard the term 'cloud' from technology people or indeed recruitment CRM salesmen?

I wrote an article published in Recruitment International in 2008 which pretty much forecast the state of cloud computing as we know it today.

The cloud in 2015 is an array of millions of server computers working together in a large data centre supplying data and processing to subscribers all over the world. The major business cloud suppliers are Amazon, Google and Microsoft, and they each have data centres here in Europe - their Dublin data centres serve the United Kingdom and Ireland. These vendors between them have invested literally hundreds of billions of dollars in building global cloud infrastructures supplying businesses offering the most popular web and mobile services such as entertainment, finance, logistics, manufacturing and of course recruitment.

TriSys has had its own cloud infrastructure since 2002 when our first ASP (application service provider) customers took advantage of a sophisticated remote recruitment desktop without having to install anything on their PC or purchase expensive servers.

Thirteen years later, the TriSys cloud has almost unlimited power and scalability, effectively scaling up and down during the day as our customers login and logout. Each customer has their own dedicated set of cloud resources, which they only pay for what they use through a monthly subscription. This is true on-demand cloud computing.

TriSys customers benefit from a powerful, highly functional and low cost recruiting platform which they can access 24x7 from anywhere in the world. Our support team provide world-class help to recruiters everywhere, and you can be sure that our account management and business analysis teams deliver highly bespoke and competitive edge to your recruitment busines.

As a recruitment agency, you can use our cloud by installing TriSys 2015, or running Apex in your browser/tablet/phone, or using TriSys for Websites to engage with clients and candidates, or program your own applications using our Web API.

See what recruiters are saying about TriSys, and please contact us where we can discuss how the TriSys cloud can transform your recruitment business.

One Month On

Last month, we announced the release of TriSys 2015 and TriSys Apex. One month later, we are delighted with the progress these products have made as they make their way into the wide world and begin the process of customer adoption.

A full history of the lead up to this month can be found here.

As a brief reminder, TriSys 2015 is effectively the eleventh major version of our flagship recruitment agency software application designed for Windows on-premise and on-demand cloud desktops with very tight integration with Microsoft Office and internet services. TriSys 2015 is designed for established recruitment agencies with sophisticated business processes and very large volumes of data. Our new TriSys Apex product is a fully on-demand cloud service which can be used from any web browser or mobile device. TriSys Apex is designed for startup recruitment agencies who require a cost effective, yet extremely powerful recruiting CRM.

We have been very busy pumping out information about these products - our twitter feeds are the best place to look: There are loads of images and screenshots on these feeds which concisely visualise our latest products and services.

Our new web site is also a great place to start to understand and sign-up for these new products and services.

To learn more and get your own highly personalised 30 minute remote demonstration of TriSys, please click here.

2015 Release Track

Today at mid-day, we launched the new version of our desktop recruitment, TriSys 2015. This will be our eleventh version of TriSys recruitment software which maintains our record of bringing a new version to market every two years since our debut at the Recruitment '94 exhibition. TriSys celebrated its 20th year in business last year.

TriSys 2015 is our most powerful software release to date, incorporating a fully 64-bit client-side application which can take advantage of massively multi-processor operating systems with very large memory. It is particularly suited to both public or private terminal server farms serving thousands of concurrent recruiters. TriSys can thus scale and perform in line with the expectations of larger, established recruitment agencies.

TriSys 2015 has also been successfully deployed to the new Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft due in the next few months.

TriSys 2015 will be gradually rolled out to our remote desktop cloud customers over the next few weeks, and existing smart-client customers will be supplied with easy-upgrade instructions during this same time frame.

TriSys 2015 is completely backwards compatible with version 10, allowing customers to run both versions side by side with a fully automated database migration elminating upgrade costs. TriSys 2015 is effectively a free upgrade for customers with a paid up annual support agreement or those on a monthly hosted plan.

Also launched today, is our new TriSys Apex cloud hosted recruitment system designed specifically for recruiters who wish to use their web browser or mobile device, to access their front-office recruitment database. TriSys Apex is a zero-footprint software application which runs on popular web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefix, Internet Explorer) on all operating systems (Windows, Mac OS/x, iOS, Android) which connects to TriSys cloud hosted back-end systems running at Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

TriSys Apex is specifically designed for startup recruitment agencies who wish to progress from manual or spreadsheet style recruiting processes to a more sophisticated and powerful on-line multi-user database accessible from anywhere, at any time. TriSys will manage and back up this database service for a fixed monthly fee of £45 per user. There are no setup costs.

TriSys Apex is available at immediately.

One Month to Go

If you have been reading our blogs for the last three years, you wll be aware that we have been very busy engineering our web and mobile recruitment products and services to complement our existing Windows desktop and internet hosted products and services. We have used our blog to communicate our progress to customers, and this blog post is a summary of this journey with respect to our forthcoming announcements on 30 June 2015.

We first hinted at things to come in our April 2008 article for Recruitment International entitled 'The Future of Business Computing. Our subsequent Feb 24 2012 blog post entitled 'Exciting Times for Technologists', was followed by our analysis and customer questionnaire blog of 30 March 2012 where we predicted future economics of the mobile web.

We first introduced project Apex in a blog on 13 August 2012 entitled 'Project Apex: Part 1'. This was followed by numerous blogs posts summarising the progress of project Apex:

We announced our plans for Version 10 in 19 December 2012: TriSys 10 Versions and Release Procedures

The first manifestation of a true internet recruitment product was supported by the 23 March 2013 blog 'Starter Edition is now Smart Client'.

Our second generation mobile recruitment system was previewed on 07 August 2013 'TriSys Mobile: Version 2.0'.

The roadmap for 2014 was announced on 23 December 2013: 'Q4 2013 and beyond'.

Based on customer feedback throughout 2013, we announced a redesign of our web/mobile products on 08 January 2014 'Project Apex in 2014'. This incorporated the new Web API which offers remote secure access to data from any device.

We re-iterated our vision on 16 April 2014 'All Things Web', and announced the new version of TriSys for Websites on 30 June 2014 entitled 'TriSys Web 2014' which utilised our cloud platform, Web API and Apex codebases.

On 30 January 2015, we announced TriSys 2015, and supplied links to all necessary products and services which are included. This was followed by the 27 February 2015 blog entitled 'Project Apex in 2015' in which we supplied screenshots of the forthcoming products for web and mobile.

On 31 March 2015, we announced our release schedule for both TriSys 2015 and Apex culminating in the 30 June 2015 release of our new web site, desktop, web and mobile recruitment software products and services.

We are now one month away from the completion of the journey summarised in this blog post.

Thank you to all our customers, partners and staff for your efforts in helping us achieve this very important milestone.