Chrome Desktop App

The 'TriSys Everywhere' initiative is gathering pace with the latest addition to the Google Chrome Store of "TriSys Apex Recruitment CRM".

This application can be installed into the Chrome browser and made available in the apps page: 

Right click on TriSys to create a desktop shortcut, and copy this into your startup folder to automatically start TriSys when you start your computer.

TriSys starts as a completely separate application on your operating system which can be repositioned, resized and maximised to provide a fast and responsive native application experience:


Existing on-demand/cloud customers may use their existing TriSys credentials to login.

Existing on-premise customers will require the provision of their own specific TriSys Web API key.

New customers may register for the free trial and subsequently subscribe to a provisioned service.

If you require access, or would like to learn more, please contact our sales department.