TriSys Cloud Infrastructure Upgrade

As a direct result of the success of our customers' operations, the TriSys cloud infrastructure has grown year on year. By utilising the TriSys cloud, our customers benefit from a complete, always-on recruitment system available in the cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device. This is what's commonly known as SaaS or Software-as-a-Service.

During the month of October, a significant infrastructure upgrade has been completed by our cloud infrastructure team, as a proactive approach to the continuous growth of our client’s requirements. This upgrade also lays the foundation for the introduction of the newest Microsoft Office package, therefore allowing even higher levels of productivity by using the latest Microsoft technologies.

Due to the modular nature of the TriSys cloud service, upgrading the cloud desktop infrastructure has had zero impact on our customers' businesses: all services have remained fully operational, ensuring the highest levels of uptime in the industry. This modular nature also makes it possible to quickly resolve any issues for any users, as well as upgrading our clients to the latest edition of TriSys, quickly and free of charge upon request.

The TriSys cloud infrastructure is a global-scale array of virtualised servers running 24x7x365 offering the best levels of security and availability for recruitment agencies choosing to completely eliminate the cost of local IT support as well as hardware and software licensing costs. With TriSys cloud desktops, there is no need to worry about backing up your data either, as this is a fully managed service.

TriSys Customers are welcome to get in touch and request further information about the newest version of TriSys (version 2015).

Prospective TriSys Customers are welcome to to get in touch and request a dedicated TriSys demonstration.

TriSys Web Browser Extension

Recruiters use a variety of social network services in addition to a range of services for managing e-mail, jobs, marketing lists etc..

TriSys Apex is a web browser and mobile application which works inside any browser on any platform/device. In order to provide tight integration between social networks and the TriSys database, we have developed a browser extension.

The TriSys browser extension will be freely available in the Google Chrome Web Store next month, and will install a TriSys toolbar button onto your Chrome browser:

The extension comes to life when you visit a social networks or job boards. In this example, the TriSys extension looks up the LinkedIn profile in the TriSys database and displays the full details of the contact above the LinkedIn profile:

You can click on the contact name or company name to drill down into their record in TriSys, or indeed send them an e-mail or call via Skype directly from within LinkedIn.

By using the toolbar button, you can view additional details about this contact pulled directly from TriSys and displayed in the popup:

In this instance, the CV of the selected candidate is retrieved, displayed and formatted directly from the TriSys database. Additional details such as lists of vacancies, placements, notes and scheduled tasks are also retrieved saving the recruiter from having to leave the current web browser tab.

The toolbar buttons in this popup provide the recruiter with the ability to import contact records directly from the social/job board profile and automatically link the TriSys record to the on-line profile, making it easy to navigate from TriSys to the latest profile with a single click.

There are advanced toolbar buttons for running sophisticated workflow actions dircetly from within the web browser such as making calls, sending job specifications, adding to shortlists etc..

TriSys 2015 comprises its own web browser in which recruiters can utilise these services to search popular social networks and job boards:

Click on this link or the above image to watch a movie of TriSys 2015 integration with social networks and job boards.

In summary, the TriSys web browser extension is a fantastic addition to the TriSys recruitment technology suite, providing recruiters with convenient, powerful, and free access to their recruitment database. Customers can now fully utilise social networks and job boards from either their desktop or browser/mobile recruitment applications.