The TriSys Cloud

As a recruitment agency, you have probably heard the term 'cloud' from technology people or indeed recruitment CRM salesmen?

I wrote an article published in Recruitment International in 2008 which pretty much forecast the state of cloud computing as we know it today.

The cloud in 2015 is an array of millions of server computers working together in a large data centre supplying data and processing to subscribers all over the world. The major business cloud suppliers are Amazon, Google and Microsoft, and they each have data centres here in Europe - their Dublin data centres serve the United Kingdom and Ireland. These vendors between them have invested literally hundreds of billions of dollars in building global cloud infrastructures supplying businesses offering the most popular web and mobile services such as entertainment, finance, logistics, manufacturing and of course recruitment.

TriSys has had its own cloud infrastructure since 2002 when our first ASP (application service provider) customers took advantage of a sophisticated remote recruitment desktop without having to install anything on their PC or purchase expensive servers.

Thirteen years later, the TriSys cloud has almost unlimited power and scalability, effectively scaling up and down during the day as our customers login and logout. Each customer has their own dedicated set of cloud resources, which they only pay for what they use through a monthly subscription. This is true on-demand cloud computing.

TriSys customers benefit from a powerful, highly functional and low cost recruiting platform which they can access 24x7 from anywhere in the world. Our support team provide world-class help to recruiters everywhere, and you can be sure that our account management and business analysis teams deliver highly bespoke and competitive edge to your recruitment busines.

As a recruitment agency, you can use our cloud by installing TriSys 2015, or running Apex in your browser/tablet/phone, or using TriSys for Websites to engage with clients and candidates, or program your own applications using our Web API.

See what recruiters are saying about TriSys, and please contact us where we can discuss how the TriSys cloud can transform your recruitment business.