One Month On

Last month, we announced the release of TriSys 2015 and TriSys Apex. One month later, we are delighted with the progress these products have made as they make their way into the wide world and begin the process of customer adoption.

A full history of the lead up to this month can be found here.

As a brief reminder, TriSys 2015 is effectively the eleventh major version of our flagship recruitment agency software application designed for Windows on-premise and on-demand cloud desktops with very tight integration with Microsoft Office and internet services. TriSys 2015 is designed for established recruitment agencies with sophisticated business processes and very large volumes of data. Our new TriSys Apex product is a fully on-demand cloud service which can be used from any web browser or mobile device. TriSys Apex is designed for startup recruitment agencies who require a cost effective, yet extremely powerful recruiting CRM.

We have been very busy pumping out information about these products - our twitter feeds are the best place to look: There are loads of images and screenshots on these feeds which concisely visualise our latest products and services.

Our new web site is also a great place to start to understand and sign-up for these new products and services.

To learn more and get your own highly personalised 30 minute remote demonstration of TriSys, please click here.