Having The Right Information


Good data can make the difference between inefficient operations and cost savings, misleading results and effective decision-making, failure and success.

Your TriSys database is no exception, allowing users to 'do their own thing' means that everything is ad-hoc and makes any kind of reporting or searching very difficult.

Using the TriSys application in a uniformed way across your business can help your business see what is going on.

To achieve this there are certain things that need to be considered:

1. The importance of Training - Training plays an essential role in developing a highly-skilled and productive workforce. But it is a costly investment, and one that can quickly disappear down the drain if not retained, applied and refreshed.

2. System Administration - having an administrator with a good understanding of the application and how it works, who can customise work flows and support your consultants is important.

3. Measuring the quality of data and output - Whether using TriSys standard reports, Searches or Business Intelligence, adding customised reports or going to an external supplier such as Saber it is the quality of the data that is important or the information produced is worthless.

We see quite often how information can get lost in a company, you have a good user who trains the new employees but then they leave and a lot of their knowledge leaves with them.  Some of the best information we have seen coming out of customers systems is where they have a dedicated trainer who trains and follows up with all new recruits, building the knowledge of the consultant.  This means that everyone is using the system in the same way making the reports the business use for analysing there business valuable.

Another excuse often heard is I don't have the time, but with the right training and the right setup the system will save you time if the effort is put in to begin with.

Important areas often overlooked in TriSys are Actions, these are configurable to record information how you want it recorded which is then accessible to measure in the different ways listed above.  Actions save consultants time by updating the different records with historic note and scheduled follow-ups as well as producing e-mails with the correct attachments etc..

For more information on training or to request consultancy for business analysis to determine development changes required to TriSys please contact our office on 01223 393 519

Project Apex: Part 5

We have now added the navigation bar item links including 16x16 web images and form hyperlinks:

Began work on the entity form layout and management framework. This allows developers and web designers to adhere to a well designed and proven interface for managing the layout and display operations of forms with a full event driven model.

Here is the first test form invoked from the navigation bar:

This technique will form the basis of the data entry form layouts in the next post.

Project Apex: Part 4

Added the drop down menu but it did not look correct:

The problem is due to cascading style sheets.

Here is the resolved menu which correctly floats on top of the ribbon and navigation bar area:

We have also create the navigation bar control and added this to the framework region:


It is gradually starting to resemble Version 10.

We are now working on the images and the hyperlinks for the navigation bar. More next time.

TriSys On Tour - September 2012 Event

TriSys will be attending Uk Recruiter's Recruitment Specific Technology Showcase Event
Following the success of their May event, UK Recruiter are running a second Recruitment Software and Innovative Technologies Showcase event in September 2012 (  The event is purely for recruiters (agency or inhouse) and offers an ideal opportunity for you to find the right IT solution to your business challenges. The event provides the perfect platform for you to gauge what technology is available to you and how it can enable you to become more productive and competitive.
The clever format of presentations by innovative technology providers and “speed-pitching” sessions including TriSys Business Software that means recruiters can see a full range of providers in one afternoon.  Additionally during the afternoon the APSCo Technology Leadership Forum will host a debate on the subject of whether technology is fit for purpose. This will be hosted by the forum Chair and we will invite debate and discussion from the floor.  Non APSCo members are welcome to attend the session.

A must attend event for recruiters to see how technology is evolving in the recruitment space and how that relates to your business and get the full scope of what differentiates each recruitment technology provider in one short afternoon.
The event runs on 27th September 2012 from 12.30pm to 5.30pm in central London.  For more information or register at

Project Apex: Part 3

The ribbon images are slightly more complex than in our WinForms Version 10 because they have to be multi-size web friendly i.e. PNG, GIF or JPG. Once we got our heads around this, we were able to create the correct images for the ribbon as shown in the following screenshot:

We have also added the alarms region to the right of the main content region, and of course tested in all browsers such as Firefox above.

We will complete the Home ribbon tab buttons over this weekend and hopefully solve some interesting problems with CSS overlays?


Project Apex: Part 2

We started this week developing our new web browser application code named 'Project-Apex'. Our web designers have created an HTML / CSS framework which mimics the layout and regions required in a line of business (LOB) application such as TriSys.

We are making sure that this framework is truly cross-browser, and supports the major web browsers used today, including those that do not yet fully support HTML5. These browsers include Mozilla Firefox (our favourite), Microsoft Internet Explorer (6, 7, 8, 9 & 10), Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Opera. This is very important because we want TriSys/Apex to be completely browser agnostic and provide the exact same look and feel on any operating system/browser combination.

So, here it is as it stands:

You can see the regions laid out with full auto-resize, and scrolling available in the content area for large forms or pages.

We are now working on the pop-out alarms region and images for the ribbon, and will show these early next week.

Stay tuned.

Project Apex: Part 1

Today marks the start of a new series of blog posts featuring our new web browser product/service. This was previously referred to as 'project-x' because our developers often lack imagination ;-) After consulting marketing however, we have decided upon the project name of Apex. This reflects the fact that this product/services lives on top, or is at the summit of our underlying mountain of technology comprising cloud, desktop and mobile.

Project Apex will be a totally web browser and device independent recruitment application designed for both recruitment agencies and corporate recruitment departments. It will have functionality for both recruitment consultants, clients and candidates, and be delivered as a cloud based application underpinned with a plethora of ancilliary services such as e-mail synchronisation, e-marketing, CV parsing, job posting etc..

This blog series will document our progress and provide plenty of visuals as to how the product develops over time. We expect that the product will be available for alpha testing by selected customers in October 2012. To sign up to be an alpha/beta tester, please click here and send us your request.

OK, here goes... 

Started on the framework using some 3rd party internet tools. Quickly gave these up and started using our trusted Telerik and Devexpress toolkits for ASP.Net/Ajax. This is the first screenshot of the browser independent framework:

The framework is designed to look like our desktop version 10 product with a ribbon interface, navigation bar and scrollable content region.

Please check back in a few days to see further design and development progress.